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Jeans Day for the United Way on Wednesday, September 3

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For 2014-2015, the first WEDNESDAY of the month will be Jeans Day for the United Way.  Faculty and staff are invited to donate to the United Way each month in order to wear jeans on Jeans Day.  To participate, go to your campus library and purchase the Jeans Day sticker for a suggested donation of $5, then wear jeans on the designated day.  It is that simple- wear jeans and you help the United Way and the many local organizations receiving their funding.  Last school year we raised $150. Please ask for supervisor’s approval before participating.

Questions?  Contact Michelle Nielsen Ott x5617


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New College Regulations Policy now in effect

Category: Campus Safety

Effective immediately, officers of ICC’s Campus Police Department will begin enforcement of the recently adopted College Regulations Policy. The policy outlines standards of conduct for everyone on ICC property, including students, employees and visitors.

The College Regulations Policy covers a wide range of improper conduct, including improper parking, smoking, loud music, noise, disorderly conduct, assault, theft, alcohol/drug possession and other violations.

ICC officers have the discretion to issue Regulation Violation Notices (RVNs) for violations of the policy. There is a set monetary fine for each particular violation. When an RVN is issued to a student, a report will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for follow up. A College Regulations Policy Appeals Committee has been established to handle RVN appeals.

All regulations and violations are outlined in the College Regulations Policy, which can be found online by clicking here.

For questions, please contact the ICC Campus Police Department at Ext. 5223.

Annual notice for Campus Security Authorities

Category: Campus Safety

ICC is required to issue an annual notification for employees who are designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs). CSAs are defined as any official of the college who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities outside the classroom.

Click here to be redirected to the Campus Police Department page, and click the link for “Reporting Requirements” at the bottom of the page to read the notice.

For questions, please contact Campus Police at Ext. 5223.

Student Organization Expo 2014 set for Wednesday, September 3

Category: Student News

The ICC Student Organization Expo 2014 is set for Wednesday, September 3, from 10 am until 1 pm, in the East Peoria Campus Courtyard. In the event of rain, the event will be held in the Student Lounge.

This event is an opportunity for every registered student group or organization to display their accomplishments and to recruit new members.

So far, a total of 29 clubs will be attending. Let your students know this is a great way to become involved!

Media Training: When the Media Calls — What you should do & how we can help

Category: Employee News

Register for one of these ICC media training sessions…

Wednesday, September 3 – 10 am – 12 noon – Room 203, Ag & Industrial Technologies Building


Thursday, September 11 – 2:30 – 4:30 pm – Room 203, Ag & Industrial Technologies Building

What if a reporter calls your department looking for information or wanting to interview a faculty member or student? What if a TV crew comes to your class unannounced? Or a reporter calls to interview you?

Learn about the ICC Employee Media Policy and how to appropriately direct media calls you might receive. You’ll also learn what attracts media attention and how ICC’s Marketing & Communications staff can work with you to spread the word about ICC programs and events. Discussion will also include how to develop key messages and clearly communicate those key messages. Skills addressed in the workshop can be applied to everyday communication, not just media encounters. This session is open to all ICC employees, not just those who might serve as an “official spokesperson” for the College.

Register through Organizational Learning at organizaitonallearning@icc.edu or 694-5442. Please indicate which date you plan to attend.




RSVP for Upcoming Blackboard At-A-Glance Sessions

Category: TLC Featured Class of the Week

Visit the TLC staff each month for a quick glance at specific Blackboard tools and features.  The same session will be repeated on both Tuesday evenings (5:30 pm-6:15 pm) and Wednesday afternoons (Noon-12:45 pm), so participants may attend either day.  All sessions will be offered in the Teaching and Learning Center, Room 240A on the East Peoria Campus.

Basic Sessions

The Basic Training series will typically be offered during the first week of each month during the 2014-2015 academic year (with the exception of January).  Little to no Blackboard experience is required for those who wish to attend basic training sessions.

Advanced Sessions

The Advanced Training series will typically be offered during the third week of each month during the 2014-2015 academic year (with the exception of December).  Participants attending the advanced topic sessions should have attended the basic training session earlier in the month or should have experience using the basic topic.

September Sessions – Course Setup (Navigation & Users)

  • Basic Training topics (offered September 2 or 3) will include managing buttons on the default navigation menu, understanding the difference between tool buttons and content areas, and user management.
  • Advanced Training topics (offered September 16 or 17) will include course structure and organization (including the use of modules), as well as group management.

Contact the TLC at  Ext. 8908 or email tlc@icc.edu to register for one or all of the sessions. Participants need not attend every session.

Please see the flyer available at http://www.icc.edu/innovation/PDFS/blackboard/blackboardataglancebasic.pdf
for specific topics to be covered within each session.


Health Screenings with Optimum Health Solutions coming soon…

Category: Health and Wellness

Optimum Health Solution’s will offer Health Screenings for ICC employees, retirees & their spouses. An informational letter will be mailed to your home in an ICC envelope from Optimum Health Solutions.

Screening Dates and Times




ICC East Peoria

Tranquility Room 210A on 9/16

Room 212C on 9/18, 9/23 ,9/25

9/16, 9/18, 9/23, 9/25

ICC North

Cedar Building Rooms 100 &101

9/17, 9/24

ICC Downtown

Thomas Building Room 10

9/17, 9/24

How to register for a screening: Watch your mail for an instructional letter from Optimum Health Solutions and follow the instructions. You will need to complete an online Personal Wellness Profile and make an appointment for a screening date and location that best fits your schedule.

Cost to participate

  • Full-Time Employees                          No Charge
  • Spouses on Health Plan                     No Charge
  • Spouses Not on Health Plan             $70.00
  •  Part-Time Employees                        No Charge
  • Spouses                                                 $70.00
  • Retirees on Health Plan                     No Charge
  • Spouses                                                 No Charge
  • Retirees Not on Health Plan             $70.00
  • Spouses                                                 $70.00

All fees will be collected at the screening by a staff member from the ICC Health Services Department.

What should I expect the day of the screening?

The screening assessments will include a venous blood draw consisting of a complete lipid panel, metabolic profile, and complete blood count. TSH for Women over 40 and PSA for Men over 40 is included. Additionally height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, body composition and heart rate will also be assessed. 

If you have questions regarding your screening appointment or completing your personal wellness profile, please contact Optimum Health Solutions at (309) 691-6383.  Please select option #1.

For more information, contact Health Services at 694-5481.

New Things Thursday:: #Vintage_Microwave_Selfies

Category: ICC Surplus Sale



This week on the ICC Surplus Sale we’ve added a totally vintage microwave. #totes_vintage.

It’s like, a 500 Series Memorymatic and belongs in a museum or something.  #nolie   Your Grandma may have used this to warm up her hard tack bread or whatever.  #nasty_olden_days_food.  Nah, she probably warmed up stuff like leftover chicken soup but it was probably the homemade kind because back then, they didn’t have Campbell’s or whatever.  Or maybe they had Campbell’s, but not those crazy convenient disposable lunch bowls or whatever.  They probably had to use like, hand thrown pottery or something and food took like half an hour to warm up but back then, they probably thought that was good or whatever.  #back_in_the_day_probs.

You need to buy this because YOLO.  This vintage microwave is probably worth a ton of money because it’s like an artifact of our meal preparation heritage or something.  You could put it on display in your house and it’s like a total conversation starter.  Lol. JK.  You could use it as an end table.  #nifty-thrifty.

You could put it in your room and take wicked microwave selfies in the reflection for days. #nofilter. #back_n_time_babe. #vintage_microwave_selfies.

Transfer Center Wants to Hear from You…

Category: Employee News, Faculty

The Transfer Center needs your help! October is Transfer Month at ICC, in addition to the many events we’ll be planning the Transfer Center would like to get students talking to faculty and staff about their college experience. Please send an email to Margo Gamache (margaret.gamache@icc.edu) with the following information:

• Where you received your undergraduate degree

• What your undergraduate degree is in

• What your master’s/doctorate is in (if you’ve completed them) and where they were received from

• If you were a transfer student (please note it if was from a community college)

We’ll bring around door decorations for all participants, highlighting their alma mater. We’ll be sending out more information about Transfer Month in September.

Thank you!

Email System upgrade resumes Tuesday, September 2

Category: Employee News

Network operations will resume its corporate email system upgrade on Tuesday, September 2. The remaining 50% of the faculty and staff email boxes which have not been upgraded will migrate to the new system at random between September 2 and September 5.

If your mailbox gets moved, you will be prompted twice to restart your Outlook client.

The prompt will look like this:

Once the upgrade is complete, you may notice a slight color and feature change in your webmail.

Questions? Contact the Help Desk, Ext. 5457.

Information submitted by Director of Network Operations, Bill Newport.